کانون سردفتران و دفتریاران

يكشنبه, 07 آذر 1400


Summary of the 103rd Edition of the Kanoon Monthly Publication
 The "View Point" section of the 103rd edition of the publication, which is Iranian New Year%q%s special issue, is written by the Managing Director of the Publication, Mr. Abbas Saeedi, who has placed great emphasize on the important issue of informing the notaries and notaries%q% aides of latest legislations and decisions adopted by the Board of Directors of the Notaries and Notaries%q% Aides Association through www.notary.ir internet site and the Kanoon Publication.
The "Commentary of the Day" section of this issue includes an article which is titled "Fair Distribution of Governmental Documents must be taken seriously". The article is written by Mr. Naser Nayebi on the occasion of the anniversary of the formation of the commission that made it mandatory for the government and governmental banking institutions to fairly distribute the business of registration of their documents among the notaries in the city.
Another article appears in this section which is written by
Mr. Fattah Salimi Khorshidi, and is titled "Analytical Review of articles 355 of the Civil Codes and 149 of the Registration Codes". The author makes comparison of the two laws with respect to their essential and legal effects and concludes that despite their apparent differences, there is no contradiction among them and in fact they serve the same purpose and can be incorporated in each other.
"Changing Last Name" is the title of an article written by
Mr. Abbas Mirshekari which is in conjunction with series of articles that he has written with regard to civil status of the citizens. authors believes that an individual%q%s surname in an important tool that can be used to identify an individual in the society and reviews the effects of changing surname in the birth certificate.
Among articles that appear in this publication, there is an article written by Ms. Farangtaj Mansouri which is titled "Civil Representation in the Jurisprudence of Iran". The author takes a glace at the principles of legal representation by reviewing various types of representation such as Legal Representation, Judicial Representation, and Contractual Representation. The author reviews the effect of each type of representation separately and discusses on how it can be rescinded?
The "Windows" section contains an article which is written by Mr. Mohammad Ismail Ashkezari and is titled "Approbatory Law enacted by the Cabinet Members for setting a Baseline to Charge for Registration of Legal Deeds". In addition, in this section you will find an article which is written by Mr. Latif Ebadpoor which is titled "Correction of Power of Attorney in case the Plot Number is changed".
You will also find a note in this section which is written by
Mr. Siamak Baharlouie, which is titled"Pre requisites for Dismissal of an Attorney or a client".  
Furthermore, in this edition you will find an article which is written by Mr. Reza Shaebani and is titled "Waiver of Rights in Jurisprudence and Religious Jurisprudence"
The author refers to article 959 of the Civil Codes of Iran and raises this question whether and individual is authorized to waive his rights with respect to invoking / enjoyment of civil rights. He concludes that a person%q%s right can be withheld only when those rights can interfere with legal rights of others or vice versa.
Furthermore, in the "Reflection" section of this edition, you will also find a critical note which is titled "Reminder and an explanation about an article" which is written by Mr. Ahmad Vahidi. The author reviews a previously written article which appeared in the 100th edition of the publication (special edition of the publication) with slight modification. The article was titled "History of the Registration Law in Iran" and was written by Mr. Mohammad Ali Akhtari.
In the translation section, you will find an article which is titled "A Glance at Bargaining Technique in Dealing with accused in The American Jurisprudence" the author believes that using this technique is very rampant and useful in criminal cases in the United States. The translation is carried out by Mr. Ata’ollah Roshan Ghanbari and we strongly recommend reading it to our readers!
In the "Headache" section, we have brought you highlights of the bill which is pending in the Islamic Consultative Assembly with respect to "Methods of Investigation of Violations and Collection of Fines in the Transportation Industry". The article is intended to inform the notaries and notaries%q% aides of the pending bill.
"Commentary of the Month" is short but rich in its content. The section is being added to the publication from this month.
It goes without saying that having good sprit is a pre requisite of working as notary or notary aide; hence, we decided to enlighten you by quoting famous statements made by the infallibles (Peace be upon them) and religious patriarchs in this section.
In conclusion, as before, in addition to news concerning new rules and regulations, we have introduced you several legal books and opinions of the Consultative Legal Commission of the Notaries and Notaries%q% aides.
As usual this summary appears in the publication in Arabic and French as well.